Our History


Nepean Group was started by current Chairman David Fuller.


Nepean Group has become known for being Australia’s largest privately owned mining, manufacturing and engineering business. With a global footprint, operating in 9 countries, and employing 1100 people.


A decision was made by the Chairman of Nepean and his lead investment Director, to establish an energy business separate from the Nepean Group. The demerged energy business became a new company known as Timor Resources Holdings.

Timor Resources Holdings and its wholly owned subsidiary Timor Resources is an oil & gas exploration company.  In 2016, the Company entered into an unincorporated Joint Venture with the Timor’s national oil company Timor-Gap.

Timor Resources is the only company that has the rights to oil and gas exploration and production onshore in Timor-Leste.

Timor-Leste is renowned for the JPDA – offshore oil and gas. $32billion USD of oil and gas has been sold from the JPDA since 2011.

Timor-Resources has the potential to be one of the most successful oil & gas exploration stories. Controlling a field with 200,000 hectares.


Timor Resources opened an office in Dili in early 2017, employing highly experienced exploration personal from Australia, the UK and locally from Timor-Leste.

Acquiring historic seismic including the 314km line seismic completed in the 1990’s the exploration program has begun with a focus on the known leads and play types.


Timor Resources completed 2D seismic survey across the contract area. Employing 190 Timorese skilled and unskilled workers to support the data acquisition.


Timor Resources business model is to ensure it is sufficiently funded through all stages of its work program, to support the dynamic and active exploration program’s