Timor Resources, in joint venture with TIMOR GAP is committed to developing its onshore oil and gas projects for the benefit of all stakeholders. Working with the local and broader communities of Timor-Leste are an integral part of our development strategy.

Socially responsible development is a core aspect of our company culture and strategy and we are committed to the social and economic development of Timor-Leste. By creating jobs and business opportunities for the local communities we will help Timor-Leste prosper in the years ahead.

Timor-Leste Relationships

After identifying the investment opportunity in Timor-Leste in 2016, Timor Resources has invested significant time to build strong in-country relationships with key government bodies. This culminated in an official signing ceremony in Dili in April 2017, where the PSC was executed by Timor Resources Chairman David Fuller, the President of ANPM, Gualdino Da Silva, and TIMOR GAP Director Norberta da Costa.

Having officially secured the opportunity to undertake onshore exploration for the first time in over 40 years, Timor Resources’ official PSC signing ceremony in Dili in April 2017 attracted significant media attention.

(From L to R): Timor Resources Managing Director; Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo, Prime Minister of Timor-Leste; Timor Resources In-Country Manager; and Timor Resources General Manager of Exploration.

(From L to R): David Fuller, Chairman of Timor Resources; Francisco Monteiro, President of TIMORGAP; and Dino DaSilva, President of ANPM.

Timor-Leste Community Presence and Engagement

Timor Resources is committed to open and accountable processes that encourage stakeholder engagement throughout all stages of project development. The Company has established an extensive and ongoing stakeholder engagement program that builds on the pro-active approach to consultation that commenced in early 2016 after identifying the opportunity in Timor-Leste. Stakeholders consulted include a broad range and diverse cross-section of government, industry and community representatives.

The Company also has an established in-country presence, with a permanent office located in Dili, employing a group of highly experienced staff, on a full time basis, across strategy, operations and finance functions.

Images of community consultations in Ainaro, Betano and Suai, April 2017

Images of Timor Resources TIN offices and employees